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Post Install

If you're new to NeoVim/Vim#

We strongly encourage you to learn how to use NeoVim/Vim, as it's more than a normal text editor.


These are highly recommend and a must do for any new Vimmer

After the initial installation, we recommend setting up a few things based on your needs.

Setup your custom config#

In order to set any custom options, you must use the lua/custom/ directory. This is to protect your own customisations when updating NvChad.

  • custom/init.lua gets run during NeoVim setup, it's a way to run general purpose code & run extensive NvChad modifications
  • custom/chadrc.lua is used to override core/default_config.lua, you only need to include values that you wish to change from the default file

NvChad provides example_init.lua & example_chadrc.lua inside of the examples folder.

To start setting up NvChad to your needs, copy these template files:

mkdir lua/customcp examples/init.lua lua/custom/init.luacp examples/chadrc.lua lua/custom/chadrc.lua

Install Treesitter Parser(s)#

The goal of nvim-treesitter is to provide basic functionality such as syntax-highlighting for various languages. For more info check out their repository at nvim-treesitter.

For example, to install the treesitter parser for css:

:TSInstall css

For a list of supported languages, please checkout the docs.


NvChad ships with many themes. The default theme is onedark.

You may switch themes with this mapping: <leader> + th.

This will open a telescope fuzzy finder, with which you can preview and select a new default theme.