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Support & Debugging

Basic Debugging#

  • If you have trouble with plugins, your first place to look is the packer log

    less ~/.cache/nvim/packer.nvim.log
  • If you still can't figure out what's going wrong, you can remove your compiled Packer plugins with:

    rm -r ~/.config/nvim/plugin`

    Then in NeoVim run :PackerSync and restart NeoVim. This will redownload and install all plugins.

  • You can check the health of NeoVim with the built-in health check command. In nvim run:


Before logging an issue:#

How to gather fundamental debugging info for GitHub issues#

  • Get your current NvChad version
    $ git rev-parse --short HEAD
  • Get all the differences between your local config & NvChad
    $ git diff origin/HEAD > diff.txt
  • Get the Packer log
    $ less ~/.cache/nvim/packer.nvim.log

NeoVim debugging options#

  • Verbosity will show what is being executed by NeoVim
    • Primarily through the use of :set verbose=9 (or another number 0<= num < 10)
    • Or start NeoVim with nvim -v9
  • Use the NeoVim command line to call Lua & VimL functions & examine code
    :lua print(vim.inspect())
    :lua require('<FILE PATH FROM /lua>').function()
    :lua print( &ft